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Better Expensing

Reconciliation is a thing of the past

Expense Management Suite by ShakePe makes it possible for you
to manage all types of expenses with complete control and 100% regulatory compliance.


Fleet Management

Report and track fleet expenses such as fuel, meals, lodging, repairs and medicals.


Sales Rep Management

Real time expense tracking and reimbursements for travel, incentives, salaries and actuals.


Petty Cash Management

Accounts and cards to disburse cash funds, multi branch spend control and analytics.

Efficient Rewarding

Manual Gifting no more

Uplift your partners and reward them for their achievements by deploying
our industry leading loyalty & rewards platform. Automate disbursal of loyatly points and their redemption across a diverse catalogue of 1,00,000+ physical and digital products.


Employee Benefits

Reward hundreds of employees with food coupons, gift cards and cash-equivalent points redeemable instantly.


Channel Incentives

Distribute performance based rewards to remote partners with the click of a single button.

Swipe to Spend

The only card you will want to use

The most secure and widely accepted corporate cards to manage spend for organisations of every size. Complete control and visibility, fund limits and spend analytics, instant top-ups and card activations.


Prepaid Cards

Retail and Digital spending with instant analytics, spend limiting and access control.


Corporate Cards

No-limit Credit cards for procurement, subscriptions and sales expensing with ShakePe's industry leading security.


Startup Cards

Credit cards with real-time spend visibility built for digital marketing and business spends in those early days.

Benefits like no other

Best in class features

Hundreds of SMEs and Corporates across the world are using ShakePe's award winning platform to better manage their spend and rewards.


Full Regulatory Compliance

Processes, Invoicing and paperwork built to minimise overheads


Industry Leading Support

ShakePe's responsive support team guarantees customer success


Built in Reporting and Monitoring

Built as a data powerhouse so you always stay on top of usage trends and develop best practices


Work on any Platform

Seamless experience across Desktop and Mobile so you're never left out


Simple and Easy to Use

Intuitive ShakePe interfaces ensure you focus on the task and not the tools


Fraud Detection and Coverage

ShakePe's pathbreaking algorithms detect any and all malicious usage


Some details to get you started


Organisational Scale for ShakePe

If you have an organisation that has more than 20 users all the way up to hundreds of thousands of users; ShakePe is the best turnkey Expense Management system for your scale.


ShakePe Deployment Timeline

ShakePe's offers the shortest timelines for full scale deployment. When you use one of our prebuilt offerings, we guarantee a ready solution in two weeks from contract approval.


Pricing for ShakePe's Solutions

ShakePe offers multiple pricing plans for our solutions. Pricing is dependent on solutions and scale and can even be completely free depending on your chosen use case. Please reach out to us for a detailed quotation.


ShakePe Advantages

ShakePe is one of the most powerful expense management solutions because it can be customised for different business use cases. Additionally, the ShakePe platform is closely integrated into the ShakeDeal ecosystem making its expense and rewards platform the best in the industry.

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